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DARI Motion Scans

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DARI Motion Scans Q & A


DARI Motion is the world's only FDA cleared markerless motion analysis computer with a combined 8 camera video system used to display human movement patterns for uses such as assessment and training of limb or body motion in pre/post rehabilitation evaluation, physical therapy, and the like. In just a few minutes, a DARI Motion 3D assessment can identify injury profiles, help improve performance and help reduce healthcare costs.

DARI Capture detects:

  • Joint Vulnerability
  • Readiness
  • Athleticism

DARI helps you...

  • Transform a subjective experience into an objective experience.
  • Identify potential injuries weeks before they happen.  Keep players on the field.

How DARI helps track athletes...

You just recruited Amber to play basketball at your school.  She is excited about the opportunity and wants to make a positive impact for your team in her first year.  After her baseline DARI screen the strength coach and athletic trainer saw a lot of problems in her motion health.

With a training program built for her needs, Amber put in the work needed to make physical changes and improve her readiness to play.  After two weeks she could notice a difference.  By 8 weeks, her readiness was one of the highest on the team and she was fighting for a starting spot.

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