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Elbow Arthritis Q & A

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What is arthritis? 

There are two types of arthritis. Rheumatoid (inflammatory) is a symptom of an autoimmune condition. Osteoarthritis is a loss of cartilage related to aging and wear and tear of the joints. Both types can make it more challenging to do the activities you enjoy.

What are the symptoms of elbow arthritis?

The most common signs of elbow arthritis are pain, stiffness, swelling, tingling, and a grinding or clicking sensation.  

How is elbow arthritis diagnosed?

Our experienced orthopedic doctors will perform a thorough physical exam to look for signs like swelling, tenderness, limited range of motion, and redness around the joint. He or she may also order imaging, which is available in our office.  

What are the best treatments for elbow arthritis?

Nonsurgical intervention can manage many cases and may include medications to reduce pain and swelling, physical therapy, and corticosteroid injections. Elbow splints and braces offer extra joint support. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has shown great promise in treating arthritis. Surgery can successfully treat severe cases. Procedures include removal of damaged tissue and joint replacement.  

If you are experiencing pain and stiffness as a result of elbow arthritis, contact Orthopedic Specialists. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained doctors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all elbow conditions.

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