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The elbow is a very delicate and complex joint. It is a common joint for fractures to occur. Elbow joint fractures can cause stiffness and loss of function. Sometimes surgery is needed to repair the broken bones.


Elbow arthritis can result in pain, stiffness and loss of function. There are several treatments including physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medicines, bracing, cortisone and surgery.

Tennis Elbow

This is a form of overuse tendonitis that affects the “outside” extensor tendons. It is very common in people who don’t play tennis and can be a work related injury as well.

Treatment consists of rest, ice, physical therapy and bracing. Sometimes cortisone shots are needed. Outpatient surgery to repair the damaged tendon has a very high success rate if conservative treatment fails.

Golfer’s Elbow

This is a form of tendonitis that affects the , “inside” wrist flexor tendons. This is common in golfers and non-golfers alike. The treatment options are similar to tennis elbow and have a high rate of success.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

This is a very common problem that is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, where a nerve in the elbow (the “funny bone” nerve) is being compressed. This results in tingling and numbness in the ring and small fingers of the hand and can be quite painful.

Treatment can involve rest, anti-inflammatory medicines, bracing, cortisone injections and sometimes outpatient surgery to “unpinch” the ulnar nerve.


This is a condition which causes pain and swelling on the “back” of the elbow. It can result from an injury or from work related prolonged pressure on the elbow. Often a large amount of fluid will build up in the “bursa sac” that might require drainage in the office.

Ligament Injuries

The ligaments of the elbow can be torn from trauma, dislocation or throwing a ball. A brace and physical therapy are helpful in the treatment. For the severe injuries, ligament reconstruction is required. This is known as the “Tommy John” surgery and is done on an outpatient basis.

Biceps Tendon Rupture, Distal

The biceps tendon can rupture off its attachment onto the elbow. It can occur when lifting heavy objects and is common in weightlifters. Because this is an important tendon for elbow use and strength, surgical repair is the treatment of choice for most patients.

Elbow Arthroscopy

This is an out-patient surgery where a small camera and instruments are placed in the elbow through tiny incisions. This surgery allows treatment of many elbow problems including removal of loose bone or cartilage, smoothing of worn cartilage or bone spurs and removal of scar tissue and inflammatory tissue.

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