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Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture Q & A

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What are tendons? 

Tendons are tough and fibrous bands of connective tissue that join muscles – in this case, the biceps – to bones. The distal tendon of the biceps transmits the forces of the muscle to the forearm bone known as the radius. Tearing the biceps tendon interrupts this action, causing weakness and limited range of motion.

What causes a biceps tendon to rupture?

This condition occurs when the elbow is forcibly straightened. It can happen through repetitive motion but is most frequently caused by a single traumatic injury. Most tendon ruptures are complete, severing theconnection between bone and muscle. It is often associated with contact sports and weightlifters. 

What are the symptoms of a ruptured biceps tendon? 

Pain, bruising, swelling, and a popping sensation are the most common indicators of a biceps tendon rupture. Deformity and cramping of the bicep muscle occurs and the joint might feel weak. You may also have difficulty rotating your palm upward and downward. Immediate intervention is the key to restoring strength and range of motion.

How are ligament injuries diagnosed and treated?

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained doctor will perform a thorough physical examination, maneuvering the elbow to see which movements cause pain and weakness. He or she may also use imaging to rule out other conditions. In the majority of cases, this type of injury will not heal without surgically reattaching tendon to bone. We perform this procedure on an outpatient basis and follow up with physical therapy.  No matter what, do not delay treatment of a biceps tendon rupture.

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