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Your ligaments are tough, fibrous tissues that hold your joints together. While your ligaments are strong, they’re not immune to injury. A sprain refers to an overstretching or tearing of your ligament, and requires proper treatment to ensure proper healing. At Orthopedic Specialists in Palm Harbor, Florida, the experienced team of orthopedists can provide the care you need for your sprain for a speedy recovery. If you suspect you’ve suffered a sprain, schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

Sprains Q & A

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Sprains Specialist

Sprains Q & A

What are sprains?

Sprains refer to the stretching or tearing of your ligaments, which are the connective tissue that holds your joints together. By comparison, a strain refers to the stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon attached to your bone or joint. You may develop a sprain from overextending and stressing a joint.

During the injury, you may hear or feel a pop, followed by pain. The affected joint may then swell and bruise. You may also have limited use or difficulty bearing weight on the affected joint.

What are the joints most affected by sprains?

A sprain can affect any joint in your body. However, certain joints are more susceptible than others. Common joint sprains include:

  • Ankle: from jumping or missing a step
  • Wrist: often injured when used to brace a fall
  • Knee: sudden twisting of the knee
  • Thumb: overextended during an activity

Athletes are prone to sprains due to the stress they place on their joints. However, anyone can develop a sprain.

How is a sprain diagnosed?

The team at Orthopedic Specialists conducts comprehensive examinations when you come to the office with concerns about a sprain. During your evaluation, your specialist reviews your symptoms and examines the affected joint.

In most cases, your doctor at Orthopedic Specialists can diagnose a sprain during an evaluation. However, diagnostic imaging may be recommended to rule out a fracture.

How are sprains treated?

Treatment for your sprain may depend on the joint affected, as well as the severity of the sprain. For a mild sprain, the injured ligament may heal on its own. However, if your sprain is more severe, your doctor at Orthopedic Specialists may recommend:

  • Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE method)
  • Over-the-counter pain medication
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Joint immobilization
  • Physical therapy

For a torn ligament, your doctor at Orthopedic Specialists may recommend surgery to repair the tear and get you back to doing the things you enjoy. The surgeons at Orthopedic Specialists can perform minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery in many cases.

While the severity of a sprain can vary, it’s important to get the proper treatment to ensure healing. Certain sprains, such as an ankle sprain, can increase your risk of joint instability if not properly treated.

If you suspect you’ve suffered a sprain, call Orthopedic Specialists or schedule an appointment online today.

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