Orthopedic Specialists - Office Building

Hours of operation:.
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Physical Therapy: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm


Orthopedic Specialists was originally founded by Dr. John Sullivan in 1985 and has been located in our current Palm Harbor location since 1997. Since 1985, Orthopedic Specialists has grown to a practice of seven Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons that have over 100 years of combined orthopedic experience. The Orthopedic Specialists physicians are John G. Sullivan, M.D., Brian Maiocco, M.D., Andrew C. Maser, D.O., R.Brian Williams, D.O., Alan Graves, M.D., Scott Brotherton, M.D. and Brandon Taylor, M.D.. They are trained and skilled in modern techniques of non-operative orthopedics as well as orthopedic surgery, including arthroscopic surgery and total joint replacements, and have performed thousands of successful surgeries. Their approach to patient care continues to emphasize conservative, non-surgical methods whenever possible and they will only recommend surgery when it is absolutely necessary.

While the physicians of Orthopedic Specialists all specialize in different areas of orthopedic surgery, many of the surgeries that are performed by our surgeons can be performed by more then one of them. Since a vast number of patients do not require surgery it is important to know all of the physicians here are trained in the non-surgical treatment of the orthopedic conditions. This allows us the ability to offer most people same or next day appointments. Patients that do require surgery will always be referred to the appropriate physician that specializes in that surgery.

Orthopedic Specialists does not substitute any physician's assistants or other "physician extenders" to see our patients. Every patient will see the doctor on every visit, providing a level of personalized care unsurpassed in the community. Our office staff are all very professional, friendly, and courteous. During office hours, callers will always speak directly to a staff member, and not to a voice menu system. Our office does not close for lunch, and our physical therapy department has extended hours for your convenience.