MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Orthopedic Specialists offers on-site MRI examinations for the convenience of our patients. MRI
examinations have become an important diagnostic tool for orthopedists, since it allows the physicians to see greater detail of soft tissue, such as tendons and muscles, as well as hard tissue structures like bones. Unlike an X-ray the MRI in no way utilizes radiation. MRI uses a strong Magnetic field with specific radio frequency to create a digital image that provides brilliant soft tissue resolution. The information that can be gathered from MRI examinations assist in developing a more accurate and effective treatment plan.

Many MRI’s are ordered with contrast. Contrast can be done by either injection to the specific joint space or intravenous for MRIs of the spine if a patient has previously undergone spine surgery. Contrast enhances the target area, detecting small tears or abnormalities that an MRI without contrast may not be able to detect. Your physician will discuss whether or not they feel you need contrast for your examination.

Procedures typically take around 40 minutes to complete. Once complete the images are transferred to a radiologist for review. Radiology reports are normally received back in the office within 24 – 48 hours.